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Update: I’ve now connected them one at each port, and only one valve seems to be behaving like before. Also, I’ve been searching to find how much current the valve needs and it appears to be 1A. Isn’t that too much for the MAC97? I have another 2 more valves on the way here, I’m going to measure exactly how much current they need to open and how much to keep open.

The valves are normally closed. But even if they are not in the right direction, that’s a mechanical problem. My problem is electric. The controller still outputs 24V on that port, even if it says all valves are closed. Even if a start again and close the valve. And, like I said before, the only way to fix the problem is unplugging the power for the controller for a few good seconds. Turning if off from the button doesn’t seem to fix it. It does close the valve, but as soon as I turn it on again the valve turns on.

The DC offset in the supply power.. you kinda lost me 😀

I don’t have a picture with the transformer at this point (have to take apart the box to get access to it), but it’s definitely 24VAC. I’ve measured it a few times and it provides 24VAC. There’s no bridge to transform AC to DC.

I’ve attached a picture of the valve label. As you can see, it’s 24VAC.