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The OpenSprinkler Master code release beta 1. is now ready …… I will test it on my garden set up (4 OpenSprinkler units) for at least a week and than I will upload the code to github.

Summary of the OS Manager features:

Basically OS master run in a waterproof case and is connected to my home-garden WiFi network. The 4 OS unit are spread in my garden several feet away (a good wifi connection to the remote units is very important!).
The code interrogate at regular intervals the units with all the necessary api calls( /jo, /jc ,/jn /jp) and keep in EEprom memory an update configuration of all units.
Every time a new data come from OS units the code check possible program cycles overlap and propose a program intervals time change!
A sequence of all wathering intervals is created and is available for graphic plots.

In addition a ISR routine is used for acquisition of pulses coming from a precision flow meter connected to the main water valve.
For each watering interval the water flux is measured and recorded.

Following measurements of the same zone allow to make a comparison from recorded to actual flow and flow difference above a certain amount
is considered a possible failure of the OS unit , valves or tubing.
Failure are recorded and alert messages are sent out.

Defining the area of the watering for each zone in square meters and dividing the measured flow in liters allow to define precisely the equivalent watering in mm.

The code connect every hour to a near Wunderground Station and acquire Temperature Humidity Wind Rain and Sun Radiation:
data are recorded on file and, with daily averages of meteo data, ETo value is calculated.

Water balance for each zone is computed and the water mm value of each zone is plotted in graphical window of the touch screen.

To Be continued……..