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Thank you so much Peter I actually got it working but your instructions seem way simpler and I think I will do a clean install following them.
I installed the apache server and placed the UI in the root folder so I can just point to myip/js and it works wonderfully. The reason I wanted to host them on my site not knowing that I could just do it on the same raspberry pi is because I am planning to use the OSPi over a cellular connection and I don’t want to use up all my data just pulling the UI, I do have some other questions about the raspberry pi and it’s behavior, I don’t know if it can handle running the OSPi and the apache server, I am using the pi3 btw but I would like to use the zero also, the other question I have is about how well does the pi3 or zero handle the heat, because I will have them running inside an enclosure outside where temperatures inside the enclosure could be >120 degree f. here in Southern California.

I appreciate all your help.