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Hello Ray,
Shutting these down is not fair to guys like me who were simply surfing through amazon and found these taio devices for sale. My timer was ready to die when i stumbled on to this device you are speaking of. I will admit that i did not do much research on it. I did do a quick comparison on amazon for smart controllers and everything else seemed to be too expensive. I remember seeing a rainbird, a orbit in the really primitive comparison i did. I dont remember seeing any of your products although it has been a few months back and i may not remember seeing them. Knowing what i know now after trying to find a manual for my product I will just get a product from open sprinkler when the time comes and everybody knows the time will eventually come as electronics dont last forever. Ps: I will admit i did find the most support for my product on this site. What i can do for you if you want is review my order on amazon and mention open sprinkler design. I wont be too harsh on taio though because they did deliver what i asked for.

Martin Jones