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I assume you have upgraded to firmware 2.1.7, and you are referring to the ‘master off adjustment’, is that right? In firmware 2.1.7, the master off adjustment is required to be either 0 or negative, it cannot be a positive number. Due to the way the scheduler is implemented, it cannot turn off master station ‘after’ a valve closes, it can only turn off master with the closing of a valve or before closing a valve. In the future we plan to rewrite the scheduler and this limitation will be removed. For now, there are two work-arounds you can use to address this limitation:

1) you can insert a delay for the master station at the end of a program, by adding a ‘dummy’ station that has an index larger than any of your existing stations. For example, if you currently have 24 stations, you can go to Edit Options to enable 8 more stations (you don’t need to have these physical stations). Then in a program, you can schedule station 25 to run for xxx seconds or minutes. This way, because stations 25 runs the last, and assuming it’s set to activate the master station, it will allow master station to remain on for xxx seconds or minutes.

2) another option is to schedule master station manually in a program. To do so, go to Edit Options, and remove master stations (set them to none). Then in station attribute, turn off the ‘sequential’ flag of the master stations. This allows the master stations to run in parallel with other stations, and you can schedule them together with other stations in a program. This is a way to manually schedule master stations.