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That would be awesome to see OS provide that type of compliance automatically. I think it is such a shame how we waste water simply because we (and I speak generally here ha ha) do not understand the environmental/physical nature of water in our yards.

The company I work for is trying to get into some state-level compliance projects, through our cloud services and government APIs. We will hopefully provide data to allow businesses easier methods to keep compliant. I’m just one of the tech guys involved, but hey – if anything like what you are saying gets a pair of legs, and there is something that I can do to help, I would love to donate network resources or my time for something like this. (I may have said it before, but my programming skills are probably a 1/10 compared to yours, but it would be my pleasure to give back as I can.)

Now, the amount of water used to make beef (we like to watch a lot of documentaries) … not sure what can be done about that one, except for eating less burgers!