Ya looking at the server.cpp file there appears to be a smattering of HTML_OK versus HTML_SUCCESS. OK will simply break the output before sending the result field. In this case checking the html header for 200 would suffice as a bandaid until I can get a change made and see if Ray or Samer will accept the pull.
SUCCESS will give the result:1 field that is to be expected when making a proper request for existing data.

It’s honestly a quick fix but the time it takes to get it accepted may be a bit. Once the pull request is up on github you could pull from my repository and merge the changes yourself. Or if you are half decent at programming take a look at server.cpp and for now just find and replace OK with SUCCESS and save it. Then build the firmware and you should be fine.

Some stuff will come back a bit odd like random text at the bottom of the password change page, but it shouldn’t break the program, just visual errors. The functionality will be the same as most of what’s happening in the firmware goes on before the result is printed.