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I have been playing around with the demo site, and I love this system, but I need to be able to run 2+ zones at the same time. Ideally, I’d like the option to run non-sequential programs. I have 4 zones in my garden (two soaker hoses and two sprayer zones). My ideal setup is

Program Garden – starts at sunrise every day – ignoring rain
-Zone Garden Spray 1 – 1 hr
-Zone Garden Spray 2 – 1 hr
-Zone Garden Soaker 1 and Zone Garden Soaker 2 run at the same time for 3 hours.

Program Yard A – starts at sunrise Mon, Wed, Fri – monitoring rain
-Zone 1 – 1 hr
-Zone 2 – 1 hr
-Zone 3 – 1 hr
-Zone 4 – 1 hr
-Zone 5 – 1 hr
-Zone 6 – 1 hr
-Zone 7 – 1 hr

Program Yard B – starts at sunrise Tue, Thur, Sat – monitoring rain
-Zone 8 – 1 hr
-Zone 9 – 1 hr
-Zone 10 – 1 hr
-Zone 11 – 1 hr
-Zone 12 – 1 hr
-Zone 13 – 1 hr
-Zone 14 – 1 hr

Right now I have two RainBird controllers to accomplish this, and I guess I could keep the garden controller, but I’d REALLY like to consolidate to a single OpenSprinkler 3.0 + ZoneExpander.

Ray – The way I think it should handle overlap (a non-sequential program commanding an already running zone) is that it queues the next action. So if Program A was running Zone 1 and had 30 minutes left on the clock, and then Program B was programmed wanted to run Zone 1 for an hour, it would wait for Program A’s command to finish, then run Zone 1 for an hour.

If that is too much of a tear up, could we make independent groups with their own zones and programs? So I could have the “Garden Group” and the “Yard Group”?