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Hi 951calguy,

I am not familiar with the cst or data industrial flow sensors. Could you possibly post a link or a datasheet? As far as the Hunter flow sensor there was not a lot of information out there about it so I had to run some tests to see how it exactly worked as I mentioned in a previous post. This would be the first step to try and figure out the interface of how it works and try and make it compatible with open sprinkler. In the end you need to interface you flow sensor to be compatible with the open sprinkler interface as described below.

Flow Sensor: when using a flow sensor, the controller will detect flow sensor pulses,
display real-time flow rate at the footer, and log the flow volume at the end of each
program run. Only dry-contact, 2-wire flow sensors are supported: these sensors are
essentially flow-activated switches which close and open repeatedly as water flows
through the meter. They do not need power, and typically come with 2 wires. Insert the
two wires to the sensor terminal on OpenSprinkler (there is no polarity). Then set the
flow pulse rate, which you can find out in your flow sensor’s datasheet, and is used to
convert the pulse count to actual volume. Flow sensors with 3 wires usually require
power and thus need some modifications before they can be used with OpenSprinkler

In order to make the Hunter flow sensor work you need three items.

1. The flow sensor itself.
2. Electronics that converts flow sensor interface to open sprinkler interface, open close contact
3. A power supply to drive the electronics in step 2.

Maybe you can review the previous posts and ask more specific questions where you need help.