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For those interested in pushing notifications to Telegram via IFTTT, this is an outline of how I do it:

1. First you need to create a telegram bot. You can find many detailed guides on how to do this by searching.
2. Find either your telegram ID # or add your bot to a group and find the group ID. Again you can find out how to get those numbers by searching.
3. Create a IFTTT Webhooks applet and choose receive web request with event name “sprinkler”
4. In the url field put “<YOUR BOT KEY HERE>/sendMessage”
5. Choose method “POST”
6. Choose content type “application/json”
7. The Body should look something like this:

{ “chat_id”: “<YOUR TELEGRAM USER # or GROUP ID #>”, “text”: “<Whatever Text or emojis you want here> {{Value1}}” , “disable_notification”: “true”}

The disable notification part can be removed if you want to have audible notifications, personally I don’t want to be beeped at about sprinklers..

Also you need to enable IFTTT integration in Open Sprinkler.