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Thanks for the reply,

in previous reply, you said, i don’t need sdfat library ->
why in the pin.h above, it have sdfat library ?

Why OE is connected to GPIO ? If i read this and In this schema -> , the OE is grounded.

Why i have to give LCD_RST Gpio ?
There is no more GPIO to Assign for LCD_RST

Is this right?

#elif PROTO==13 //ADD NEW N. for your prototype
#define SDA_PIN 4 // Wemos Mini Pin D2
#define SCL_PIN 5 // Wemos Mini Pin D1
#define SHIFT_REG

#define PIN_SR_LATCH 15 // shift register latch pin , Wemos Mini Pin D8
#define PIN_SR_DATA 13 // shift register data pin , Wemos Mini Pin D7
#define PIN_SR_CLOCK 14 // shift register clock pin , Wemos Mini Pin D5
#define PIN_SR_OE 12 // shift register output enable pin , Wemos Mini Pin D6
#define EEPROM_ESP
#define PIN_BUTTON_1 0 // Wemos Mini Pin D3
#define PIN_BUTTON_2 2 // Wemos Mini Pin D4
#define PIN_BUTTON_3 16 // Wemos Mini Pin D0

#define STA_HIGH LOW // low station output on for Relay
#define STA_LOW HIGH // high station output off for Relay

// OLED 128*64 DISPLAY
#define LCD_SSD1306
#define LCD_RST gpio // LCD rst pin
#define LCD_ADDR 0x3c. // LCD address

What about the library i ask you?
Can you give the library?

in file EtherCardW5100.h , itt ask #include <Arduino-Ping-master\ESP8266ping.h> , this Windows things…. Linux will be like this #include <Arduino-Ping-master/ESP8266ping.h>
Where i can get it??

LiquidCrystal library, what version and where you get it?

And the last, to compile, i have to re download the github and have to do all i have write in here

or just continue from the last time i try to compile it?

i have try to compile with pin.h like above,
and i got this error:

In file included from sketch/EtherCardW5100.cpp:36:0:
OpenSprinkler.h:262: error: 'LiquidCristal' does not name a type
 static LiquidCristal lcd;
exit status 1
'LiquidCristal' does not name a type

i use LiquidCristal Library v1.2.1 from Francisco Malpartida

I’am sory if i have alot to ask, but you github is hard to compile under Arduino IDE and Linux.
Perhaps, the othet person that have succes compile it, using MS Visual Basic just like you did.

Best Regrads,