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Thanks for the reply. I have about 100 zones spread across 3 physical controllers right now and would like to replace them with this. I am a programmer and wouldn’t mind spending the time to fork off code to make it work for me. I’m caught in the classic marginal use case scenario. To handle 100 zones half decently (meaning web based programming like this) in something more commercial is not only very expensive (like a $10,000 system), but way too complicated as well (meant for golf courses, really).

So, OpenSprinkler 3.0 (the microcontroller version) has a larger EEPROM then?

I am guessing (hoping) that the changes will be fairly minimal. Presumably both the the microcontroller (firmware) code and the App code need to be modified. Any pointers on where to look to find what needs to be tweaked would be appreciated. Also, does OS 3.0 allow remote (via Wifi) uploading of new firmware? One other question: OpenSprinkler 3.0 refers to the hardware, correct, and the latest firmware is 2.17?