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I found that I must set the duration before the start time, if I want to use a Sunset or Sunrise start time, but DON’T want to use Sunset to Sunrise or Sunrise to Sunset duration.

Otherwise, the hour, minute, second entries are disabled in the duration field and only Sunset to Sunrise or Sunrise to Sunset options are available for the duration.

Seems like a bug, but an easy work-around once you know it.

The UI code doesn’t seem that easy to modify to add fixed off time instead of a duration. I’ve haven’t give up, but my motivation went down quite a bit after figuring out the trick to get a program for a start of Sunset with six hours duration. Also, after spending several hours reviewing the app.js code…

An alternative would be to write a trivial script that would update the station durations using the firmware api. The station durations would be based on the desired turn-off time and each day’s sunset (for what I want).

But, I haven’t figured out what the UI code is doing to schedule the sun based times indefinitely. The script might have to be executed once a week.

Samer, do you have any hints?