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location wasn’t needed since there was only one “zone X”

This was mostly in reference to sprinklers using a unique zone name such as “zone 1”, “zone 2” …. as using “zone” as a Location and a number as a device may cause too many errors. There would also be a few other things where a Location is implied or there is only one of Device using a given name (such as Air_Conditioner, Coffee_Maker) which is why it can be optional. There is also the ability to set a Default Location (such as Living_Room) which will automatically be applied to your voice command if no location is given, this will not affect commands where the user specifically omitted a Location. Example: If Living_Room is set as default and I say “turn on the TV and turn off the lights” it will turn on the living room TV and turn off the living room lights.

I think each different Pi (url) should be a “hub”. Is that correct?

That is correct

Once the delay as several seconds. I’m testing by looking out the window at the lights to see if the command was received by OpenSprinkler. Perhaps I was looking away too soon when I testing before lunch and incorrectly concluded things weren’t working.

The delay is one of the downsides to using IFTTT, also the “Show dialog over lock screen” (found in the Bridge screen) may help improve speed especially if using with Google Home.

I use the widget if giving commands from my phone for instantaneous execution, and an old phone running AutoRemote which accepts the IFTTT commands from my Google Homes. I may try to build a direct link to the Google Assistant in the future, but my free time is limited now as we have young children.

Hopefully I will have an update to address a few UI issues, Google Drive backup and android 8.1.0 fixes within the next month. If you have any additional feature request or find any bugs please let me know.