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Interestingly, I am starting to have an issue that I think might be related.

Just recently, my sprinklers are failing to start, after a couple of years with no issues. I bought my OpenSprinkler PI back on May 11 2015. The PI itself has no issues, it hums along and runs Dan’s web gui. I am able to SSH in, and run all kinds of commands.

However, If I trigger a zone, I can hear the value start to open and water flow, but within a second it closes and the water flow stops. I tried reseating the white COM wire, but didn’t seem to make a difference.

I don’t think it is an issue with the solenoids, because the same thing happens with every zone I try and trigger. Also, if I manual turn the solenoid on, it stays on.

Could the power supply have gone bad? Mine was also purchased at Lowes a few years back.