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“So it looks like OS is dead.” — no, not true. You spoke too early. Though we haven’t updated firmware for quite a while (apologies for that), we continue to sell and support all our devices, often going out of our way to support very old devices that are more than 3 years old. We are a very small team and both me and Samer have day time jobs (I teach at a university). During the semesters I generally don’t have time to make a lot of technical contributions, but now summer is here we will work more on releasing firmware. Also please note that we are striving to invent new products, some of them are educational products used for university events, and OpenSprinkler isn’t the only product that we sell. Inventing new products while supporting existing ones, as you can imagine, isn’t easy.

Coming back to OpenSprinkler itself: the new injection molded enclosure is now ready and we’ve started shipping new hardware revision with this injection molded enclosure. Also, we’ve just finished firmware 2.1.8 with some bug fixes and new features (will be released by this weekend). Not a huge leap, but we do take notes of all user suggestions and continue to work on them with each firmware release.