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Follow up on the Sequential / Parallel modes.

What I meant to ask was I know the parallel zones will run with other parallel zones but will they also try to run when a sequential zone is active?
And will the sequential try to run when parallel zones are active?

I would hope the normal operation is that a sequential zone only runs by its self. Or that there is an option to do this. Shouldn’t be hard to incorporate.

Also, if there is a rain delay due to the weather site used saying there has been rain, Should I be safe to assume that any delay would be given to all of the zones that over lap or are sequentially starting?

Ie 2 zones, first one parallel starts at 8pm and runs for an hour, second one is sequential and runs at 9pm. Due to the weather there is a 30 minute delay in the starting of the parallel one. So now the parallel will run from 8:30pm-9:30pm. Will the Sequential one then not run until 9:30pm or will it try to run at 9pm? Also assuming the result in reverse would be the case.

This might also be affected by the %water amount as well… If same setup as last paragraph and was assumed to be 100% water to get above setting then at 50% watering the parallel one would run from 8pm-8:30 then the Sequential would run at 9pm? But if the water was at 150% would the Parallel run from 8-930 then the Sequential start at 9pm?

I would rather have my water run constantly from one zone to the next but would like to be able to group zones together in software as I may run different zones depending on where vehicles are parked and such.

Note that in the above examples I might actually have 2 Parallel zones running at the same time thus the desire to run parallel zones. (Saves energy if I can run more than one zone at the same time if the pump can support it.) My Parallel zone configuration will likely change as needed due to vehicle parking or other similar issues. Or one area more shaded than another etc.

If I read correctly at this point in time if I want to use the weather modifications to my zone watering I need to overlap my zones. If I want to insure they run sequentially and run until they are done I need to setup all 5 zones as sequential and probably set the start times up 1 minute apart and it should run them one after the other? Ie zone 1-5 at 8pm, 8:01, 8:02, 8:03, 8:04? Then they will run one after the other and expand out according to duration that is set and weather condition modifications?

If this last paragraph is correct then I may just have to at some point use my software engineering skills and change to my liking. (One of the main reasons I chose OpenSprinkler… ) I have other projects I need to complete so it wouldn’t be a “this week” thing… 😉

Thanks again.