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@951calguy: current reading is planned for future OSPi hardware. The current OSPi board does not have current sensor circuitry. The plan for next version of OSPi is to go with unified hardware, where it essentially uses the same hardware as OS3.0 except its ‘brain’ is RPi and not ESP8266. So it will have everything that OS3.0 has, including OLED, buttons, and current sensing.

: connecting multiple flow sensors in parallel is unlikely to work. Here is the reason: flow sensors generally produce pulsing signals — it’s basically a switch that toggles between on and off, and the frequency depends on how fast water flows. If one sensor stopped at a ‘open switch’ position it’s ok, but if one of them stopped at a ‘closed switch’ position, it will override signals from other sensors. It’s less of a problem if the ‘closed switch’ position is relatively short but it really depends on each specific flow sensor.