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good point! but:
I’ve a survival strategy to avoid total dryness:

My setup is as follows: 3 circuits, zone 1 for the main green and ‘uncovered’ plants (back yard), zone 2 for the less important zone (front yard, no green), zone 3 for the terasse with a micro drip system (covered area, so there isn’t any natural irrigation there)
The zone 1 is the critical one, because if there’s to much irrigation there, my grass gets like a ‘Sumpfloch’

Zone 3 has to run ALWAYS, independent from weather (15 minutes in the morning); if zone 3 runs, also zone 2 runs in parallel (to avoid to high pressure on the pump/system if only the micro drip systems runs)

If you open the OSPI-webpage and select the ‘STATIONS’ page, there is an option ‘Ignore Plugin adjustments?’
I enabled this for the zone 2 and 3, so they will always run with 100%.
(hint: I don’t use the iOS software version for settings because the plugins are not accessible from there, only the native web-page)

-> Zone 1 is dependent from the weather-based adjustment, the others not.