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What do U mean with ,,..can’t be included into OSPI main code”?
This script is intendet to be included into the main code (if you mean the python version of the program, not the microcode version). It replaces 1:1 the existing plugin (in the OSPI version). You don’t need any coding skills for this, only basic linux skills (copy a file, change file permissions(set executable bit with chmod).
See also the comments in the script header for further & detailed information and setup documentation

Regarding forecast:
– In the script, forecast summary (3 days) of rain will be rated with a probability of 50 percent as default

Yes, you can ‘disable’ the forecast function as follows (See lines 246 in the code):
rain_mm = rain_hist + (rain_fc * float(0.5))
If you change the factor from 0.5 (which means 50% propability of the sum of rain forecast) to a lower value (e.g. 0.1 = 10%) or to zero (which will complete disable the consideration of forecasted rain).

But good hint; in the next version I’ll include this factor as a configuration-parameter in the header.