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Hi Ray,

I too, am thinking of a solution for advanced master start (if that’s what you’d call it). And yes, I think the solution with a dummy zone is effective. However, It does come at the cost of a physical station. (whereas the delay at the end of a program can be assigned to an non existing station, for example #9).

I was wondering if it would be possible in a future firmware release to either:

1) change the order of (sequential) stations in a program? (for example place station 10 before station 3, when 1 and 2 are master stations)
2) add manual override mapping of stations (so default software station 3 maps to hardware station 3 on the GPIO, but with advanced setting, user can map software station 3 to hardware station 10 on GPIO – or any other if desirable)

As far as I can see any of these solutions would allow for (one or two) master station(s) to start before irrigation stations are opened, without the cost of one/any (hardware) station.

What are your thoughts? would this work, and also be workable/programmable?

My situation is that I need one master station to start the pump at a depth of about 200 feet, and after about two minutes (when water starts flowing) second master station to close one NO ball valve and simultaneously open a second NC valve diverting water flow from the cistern to the irrigation manifold. And only then open solenoid irrigation valves.

Hope I made some sense. These things are harder to explain then to think up;)