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I am trying to do something similar as @JohnGalt and would very much like @Ray’s opinion on where to start debugging:

I started simply intermittently querying OpenSprinkler (via the RESTful interface with a python logger), then later simply by watching a vanilla installation on OSPi. I am seeing some occasional completely unphysical flow rates (e.g. 500gal/min), both from shorter test runs and longer normal runs, interspersed among normal results. Earlier today I watched a 50gal/min reading where I physically checked the dial and saw closer to 1gal/min. We are using an Assured Automation reed switch device with a 1 gal/pulse conversion.

Any hints on where to start troubleshooting?

I’ve tried empirically increasing the debounce window to 100ms (the pulse rate is low with drip irrigation-type flows so I wonder if the reed switch is stuttering?) and also increasing the sampling window to 120 sec.


ETA: I have seen spurious flow rates with *both* instantaneous (via the Android app, web interface, and REST calls) and also via the logged values.