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I do plan to add new types of programs to the firmware which allow you to specify the zone ordering arbitrarily. This will largely follow how OSBee’s programs work, which has already been implemented in OSBee firmware. Basically each program consists of a number of program ‘entries’, where each entry is a set of any number of zones (could be a single zone or could be multiple simultaneous zones) and the associated run time. A program can have a maximum of, say 64 entries. This will allow you to run zones basically arbitrarily. Simplest speaking, each entry is a mini-program and an actual program is made of multiple of these entries. The reason this works well for OSBee is that it only supports 3 zones, so the user interface for such type of programs is easy to implement and looks fairly clean. On the other hand, OS supports up to 72 zones, so the user interface will look a lot more messy and that has been my hesitation. Also, as Samer said, with that many zones the storage becomes an issue that cannot be overlooked. In the past the programs have been stored in EEPROM on OS 2.3 (the size of which is only 4KB) and prior (and flash on OS 3.0). With the upcoming firmware 2.1.9, the programs on OS 2.3 will be stored on external SD card, so the storage will no longer be an issue. We are unlikely to get the program type changed in firmware 2.1.9, but it can be planned for 2.2.0.