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John K


Would this allow someone to have set limits to how many simultaneous valves can run at once within the program?

For my use in greenhouses where we have baskets on dripper lines and below them plants irrigated with spinners, I need to run as many valves as I can without running out of flow (2″ water main….lots of pressure and flow). Main reason for the rush is much of this has to be done when no one is inside the houses or in the nursery yard, covered by sprinkler as well, so squeezing in 130ish zones in a handful of hours gets challenging.

A work around has been making many programs so that, for instance, only 4 spinner lines run at once, 6 programs are needed to do this. This becomes harder to manage as things get bigger with the need to constantly change timings (water demands always changing in greenhouse).

I would love to be able to create a program that allows you to state how many zones are allowed to run at once. So one program can manage my 48 spinners because it would only allow 4 to run at a time. I’d be able to compress how long it takes to irrigate everything and it would be done with a much smaller number of programs.