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I have an OS H/W v. 2.3 DC device and upgraded the firmware from v. 2.1.7 to 2.1.9 a week ago.
Since then, I faced the following problems:
1. Long delays in connecting the app (web and mobile) with the OS device, either on LAN or WAN.
2. Unexpected (very often) reboots of the OS device (Last reboot reason = 99 [i.e., ‘power-on’, which, obviously, was not the case]).
As a result of the above (constant) behavior and since I have not read for any bugs of v. 2.1.9, I thought that it was a H/W failure of the OS device. Therefore, I replaced it with a brand new one device (OS H/W v.2.3 DC, which I have bought as a backup) and installed firmware v. 2.1.9. To my surprise, I noticed exactly the same malfunctioning behavior.
As a consequence, I downgraded to v. 2.1.7 and the device is running smoothly.
Has this behavior been reported by anyone else? Should we expect a (minor) revision to v. 2.1.9, addressing these errors and when?
Thanks in advance,