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@jsmart4: thanks for your feedback. Please note that we also offer Raspberry Pi-based OpenSprinkler, which is based on RPi and it runs a full Linux operating system, with both WiFi and Ethernet connection options.

Also, OS 3.0 is based on ESP8266, a 32-bit MCU, not 8-bit. I honestly do not know what causes the connectivity issues in your case, particular as you encountered it both in the WiFi version and Ethernet version. I honestly admit the product hasn’t been tested exhaustively with all WiFi routers or Ethernet switches — we can only test it with the WiFi router models we have. That said, I don’t think the connectivity issue is a generic issue with the product itself. I think it has to do with your particular network setup, which, without the ability to replicate here in house, I do not really know how to diagnose the issue.