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Sorry for the very late response. I’m currently installing the last few OSPi controllers for our HOA irrigation system overhaul.

Thank you for mentioning your master valve experience. I think I’m going to avoid un-pressurising the system when not watering. In theory it seems like you would save water but it sounds like it isn’t worth it.

It required a new landscaping company and a lot of convincing but I was able to get everyone involved to at least give it a try. I ended up going with a direct replacement of each existing controller (7 old controllers from 2003) with an OSPi controller. I could have combined some of the controllers but the upgrade is going to easier by keeping them seperate. I can set some of the zones up in slave mode if I want to make scheduling easier but all seven will be independant for the time being. I purchased 20 extenders which will be more than enough to cover the community’s ~320 stations.

To start we won’t be integrating flow meter data, although I think this would make diagnosing why we have sky high water usage much easier. It would also be useful for getting an alert if the system sees abnormal flow rates. We’ll see how important this becomes.

Just need to finish the install before the rain stops and the summer heat arrives.