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Thanks for the quick reply Ray.

My setup is as you describe.

I wasn’t very clear on my testing, sorry.

DC input is through the barrel connector.
OS boots and runs happily, web interface has no issues. I’ve programmed and run sample stations. LCD displays active stations correctly.

All measurements have been taken by connecting multimeter ground to common, and sensor (red) lead to a wire secured in the station output.

VIN is working – confirming at least that some power is being output and my common OS common terminal is connected. I’m looking for user error here and this helped confirm I’d got wires in the terminals successfully.

Ah, I was originally measuring DC from the station outputs and it was so low I thought I must have it wrong. Voltage is well under 1V either way, so low it was difficult to get any reading. But I confirmed a small pulse on both master and the active station.

Any other tips to help troubleshoot?