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Hi @komoya
Sory, i have been busy and stop playing with esp8266
i come to here just because i want to built a simple esp8266 with dht, lcd 1602 and blynk.
and perhaps one relay.

i can share the code, but i already forgot how to “Compile” it, as i have re install my laptop.
AFAIK, you need to set up Arduino to be able to “Complile” ESPrinkler.

I will attach, three version of OSBee Mod i have been playing before.
I Have lost the bin file, so i hope you can try it and share it in here if you have mod it.

If i remember, i have mod it to work with Blynk, but i dont know which version or perhaps i lost it.
i have been playing with the apk too.

ps: i change a lot of thing, like the language.

Bye…. perhaps i will not come here again.
Insya Allah.