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* v3.2 is the current version we sell — we didn’t make a distinction on the product page (it still says 3.0) because all 3.x controllers are functionally the same, the only difference between them is how GPIO pins are assigned and version 3.2 supports a wired Ethernet module. Otherwise they all have the same functionality. We no longer have v3.0 and 3.1 so any order of OS 3 will get 3.2.

I think you are confused by OpenSprinkler vs. OpenSprinkler Pi: since you asked about RPi support — I assume you are asking about OSPi (OpenSprinkler Pi). The current version of OSPi is 1.43+. You can check our FAQ page for differences between the two:

* Is there any place where it can be provisioned already mounted — not sure what this question means.

* I saw on the github some eagle files but nothiong about the v3.2. Is it still open sourced in github?. — all versions are on Github: