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Today I updated my OpenSprinkler 3.1 – DC from Firmware Version 2.1.9 (2) to 2.1.9 (3). The update went very easy. No factory reset and no change of the WiFi address was performed during the update process. There was also no need to restore the saved configuration, as everything was still in place afterwards. However, after the update the OpenSprinkler’s clock is ahead with 10 hours! I checked the timezone variable “tz”:56, which corresponds to my local time UTC+2.

After following the hints given in this thread I changed the NTP IP address from to, which will make OpenSprinkler use the default NTP server This gives the correct local time again and solves the issue!

I am not sure where the NTP IP address comes from? I think it’s not pointing to a valid NTP server anymore and has to be removed to get the correct local time.