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Hi Ray,

It’s been raining pretty continuously out here and havent had a chance to go back to this till this morning. To answer your questions above:

1)Yes I measured DC
2)Resistance is right around 30 Ohms.. I went out and purchased a couple new 24AC solenoids as well and tested them with a solenoid tester and they do work
3) I disconnected COM and the measurement across COM and the Zone was right around 12V DC.

Here’s what I’ve done additionally as well:

Went out and purchased a Rachio to see if indeed it was a hardware issue.

1) Measure the V at the controller, it’s putting out a steady 28V AC
2) At the zone without the solenoid hooked up, I get about 8V AC..

So here too I’m getting some pretty significant drop in voltage.. Whether it be AC or DC. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the line itself.. Cannot for the life of me figure out what the issue may be now.

Any other suggestions?