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John K

For the mac address, I’ve always used a static IP in the Unifi software. When I switched over to the W5500, the controller connected to the network right away, no issue. I only thought to try changing because I was having some odd behavior. I thought the mac address was coming from the ethernet module, and so would require going into Unifi to re assign an address, but I guess not? Regardless, this didn’t prove to be an issue, just a curiosity for me.

I think I just have an overly large irrigation system and so I seem to be running into issues most others wont see. Why I am locked out when I am using the ethernet module, I don’t have the technical background to know, but I figured out what triggered it for me (posted above) and so hopefully Ray will have an easy time spotting the problem. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this is unrelated to the main issue I’m dealing with (freezing controller). Since you are up and running, hopefully you will see improvements soon. I think I would have to delete half of my configurations (programs) to get back in, in order to start manually testing. Will wait to see what Ray finds.