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On the actual firmware i have setup a PCA9555 with an esp8266
I got the same problem. Actually on default status, the pca9555 is set on high, when you trigger an station it sends low.
I just wandering how to invert it.

There is the issue:
i have edited this line on opensprinkler.cpp file. (actual line on this date 1120)

reg = (reg&0xFF00) | station_bits[0];


reg = (reg&0xFF00) | ~station_bits[0];

Recompile and seems to be fine.
The defaultstatus is now low, but when i trigger an station… nothing happen.

Also a bug:
The station 8 seems to be not working properly… the original code is not working (expected is goes to low)
on the modified firmware it goes to high, after finish the time, it continues high (the spected is to it goes to low)