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(reposting; original seems to have disappeared… sorry if this becomes a double reply)

Question about “NEW from OpenSprinkler v3.2: from v3.2, the controller has dual support for WiFi and wired Ethernet.” which as far as I can see is related to 2.2.0(1)s update to ESP8266 WiFi Core 3.0.2 and lwip as wired Ethernet library.

I’m using ethernet. After upgrading firmware I’m seeing the AP mode running even when the ethernet interface was connected. I had the device join my wireless network expecting “When the Ethernet module is plugged in, the controller boots in wired Ethernet mode; when the module is unplugged, it boots in WiFi mode.” However instead I’m seeing the device connected on both interfaces at the same time. I can access the UI at both IP addresses.

It’s not consistent though; ethernet has been connected for 9 days but wifi connected 5 hours ago. This is the exact time of my nightly “:>reboot” program. The last time it connected via wifi (per my access point console) was 1/28 during the reboot cycle.