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Hi ray,

Thanks for the new firmware, it offers a lot of useful functionalities, I suspect a lot of work went into it!

Just one thing that doesn’t seem to work for me: OTC through Android App.

I am on an internet connection in a remote area. My network provider uses different layers of NAT (Network Address Translation). In the past I have never gotten any Dynamic DNS services or port forwarding working (for Opensprinkler or any other service within my network).

I was hoping OTC for Opensprinkler would work, and it does, BUT ONLY when I access my Opensprinkler remotely through the webinterface on

When I try to connect remotely (mobile 4G) through the Android App (2.3.0, firmware 2.2.0(1) HW version 3.2DC) I get an “unable to connect” message.
When I connect remotely through my home Wifi network (using the token). the App does connect to my Opensprinkler flawlessly.

it is not a very big deal for me, although it would be nice to be able to access Opensprinkler out in the field, without having to walk back to my WIFI network;)

*edit: well, actually I can access through the webinterface, so I don’t have to walk back;)*

any suggestions you might have on resolving this are very welcome!

thanks for all the good work!