That transformer should work. The 24VAC input is not that fussy. The current output is only 750mA, so you cannot have more than two zones on at a time. Most sprinkler controllers limit you to that anyway.

However, rather than purchase from Amazon and wait for delivery, I would suggest going to your local big box home improvement store. My local Lowes and Home Depot have bins full of these transformers. Being that spring is here, they are fully stocked for people repairing sprinkler systems. The two highest failure rates seem to be these transformers and the solenoids on the valves. These are usually in-stock. The good thing about the local home improvement store is that if it does not work for you, it is much easier to return.

P.S. most of these transformers fail because the output gets shorted by a wiring problem in the sprinkler system. This often blows an internal fuse link within the transformer itself. Adding a external 1A fuse can help save transformer failures. The wiring problem blows the external fuse which is cheaper and easier to replace.