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@TechFan: OSBee is designed for battery-operated valves. Right now the standalone OSBee is not available, we only offer OSBee Shield for Arduino. The idea is you plug in the OSBee Shield into an Arduino, and the whole assembly, including battery, can be put into a water-proof enclosure and placed outdoors near the valve. OSBee can communicate with a hub using 433MHz or 2.4G transceiver, and the hub has Internet connection. This is because WiFi or Ethernet controllers are not yet suitable for battery power, unless if you can periodically charge the battery through solar cells. So to get it connected to the web, it needs to leverage a hub.

OpenSprinkler and OpenSprinkler Pi / Beagle are different from OSBee, in that they are powred by 24VAC, and are not meant for battery-operated valves. If you want to modify OpenSprinkler or OSPi/OSBo to work with battery-operated valves, it’s going to involve quite a lot of modifications.