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Suggestions for the next OsPI version in order of interest:

1. The 74HC595 has a master reset input that looks like it’s not being used right now. Perhaps a watchdog timer IC connected to this such that if the Rpi freezes (doesn’t toggle the watchdog) it would at least reset all the valves to off. Future ext boards could include this reset signal.
2. Flow sensor input so we can record flow rates of all the valves and know if a leak occurs or valve isn’t working.
3. Someone else suggested a way in another post to feedback the serial data back to the Pi so we can verify the shifted data and connection to the valves.
4. current monitoring (could just monitor all the current through all the valves, so you would only need one current sensor). A little trickier with 24VAC.
5. For the RTC can’t it access the internet to get the latest time/date? (if internet is available?)

If the rPI stops working (corrupt FLASH etc) is there any way to be notified or do we wait till the plants start looking scary?
Was thinking about having my droid phone daily ping it and alert if no response detected.