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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your suggestions. Sorry that it took me a while to get back to you since I needed some time to respond to each item on the list. See the relies below:

1) Give each program a “Name” as created

Yup, this can be added. It will take up more EEPROM space, but can be managed if we limit the length of the name. Sorting in the preview can be supported either (just a matter of changing Javascripts).

2) Change “Every” to “Run Every” (Add a New Program page)

Agreed.6) With the current method (All stations run the same duration) “Duration” should be changed to “Program Run Time”

3) Implement the “Run Every” option as either on or off (If turned off, #4 below is enabled)
4) To complement the “Run Every” option, allow the user to set Multiple Start Times for each program
5) Change label of “Time” field to “Program Start Time”
6) With the current method (All stations run the same duration) “Duration” should be changed to “Program Run Time”
7) And as previously noted in other threads, each station should be allowed an independent duration or “Run Time”. PLEASE!
9) Display Station Numbers in “Select Stations” section of Add a New Program page

Yes, these are all being considered as a major revamp of how programs should be specified. See the related discussions here:

10) Preview per station

This may be a bit tricky to implement, but something easy to implement is to add the support (in the preview page) such that when you click on a station it highlights all time blocks that this station is scheduled to run. Not exactly a per-station view, but is perhaps sufficient.

11) Run-Once Program, include a “Start In __ minutes” option

Sure, this can be done.

12) Program Preview, add “Previous Day” and “Next Day” buttons

This is already available in the mobile app’s preview feature.

13) Set Stations, add checkbox to disable a station

This can be easily implemented when the station attributes feature is introduced. See the relevant discussion here:

14) Navigation

You are absolutely right! This should be done right now, and I will definitely get to it tonight or tomorrow.