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I LOVE the idea of both controlling and monitoring our garage door. I have been using the open sprinkler for a couple months now and LOVE both the hardware and software.

I have thought about adding the door control for a while as the kids seem to have this habit of not making sure the door completely shut before they leave and I have come home several times, or went to leave in the AM to find the door open.

I am a Master Electrician so the wiring is a non issue for me, and I think it would be more secure to use a hardwired connection. The sensor to monitor door status could be a simple alarm magnetic alarm switch. That could be mounted anywhere along the door frame or even on the concrete floor with the right sensor. It could be a simple 2 wire connection.. when the door is in the closed position it would either make or break a connection, and in any other position it has the opposite effect. The wiring could be all low voltage doorbell type wiring. The same wire could be installed to either the open closed button or the opener itself to control it.

I am anxious to hear what ideas all of you smart people come up with. I have no experience with programming, but it seems I may need to. This could be a start to building Rays project into a robust home automation system that is actually USER designed. I have used and experimented with several home automation systems and they never seem to be flexible enough for my needs.

Anyway, I am looking forward to following this thread. Thanks in advance!