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@salbahra wrote:

By the way, the get logs function has become clunky which is 100% my fault. I should make those hide/show into proper functions. So we don’t have to keep declaring things all over the place. I can do one of two things, I can push some changes to your Github branch timeline-logs or I can wait until you are done and it is merged with my line and make some changes.

I’m not sure there is a right or wrong approach here. You could make changes to your main branch, and I can pull these in to mine (I’m new to Git, but I’ve used CVS and SVN for years, and that’s what we’d do with those tools). That way I would be performing the merge on my branch, theoretically making the subsequent merge of my branch back to the main trunk easier.

Otherwise you or I could make the change on the timeline-logs branch and merge all the changes eventually back to the main trunk. My gut feeling is this would make for a more difficult merge later.

More of a Git/Github topic now but if I made changes to my copy now and later merged your changes, what would happen to my changes? Would they get overwritten?

As I said above, if you did that, I would take it on myself to merge forward those changes to my branch, so they would still be there when my branch is merged back to trunk (master branch in Git talk).
I’m still learning Git myself, but we’ll work it out.