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@Ray: I’m afraid I was not successful
@ray wrote:

The station delay is in units of seconds. But it’s pretty easy to modify one line of code to change it to units of minutes. Specifically, in, around line 151:
accumulate_time += # add station delay
just change that to
accumulate_time += * 60 # add station delay

I modified the line as suggested, in options changed the station delay to 30 wich should give me 30*60s but in the preview I only see 30s delay. Should the delay show up as 30min?

@ray wrote:

About master on adjust time — currently it only supports a positive value. … in, around line 135, the function
def schedule_stations(stations)
this is where stations are scheduled (i.e. stations that should turn on are assigned a start time and stop time). You can push the start and stop time by 180 (3 minutes), and that will cause the master valve to be on 3 minutes before any other station turns on. I haven’t tried this myself so I don’t know if there are other changes you need to make. But the idea should work.

I changed line 148 to[sid][0] = accumulate_time + 180 # start at accumulated time # pls90: and add 3min

and line 164 to[sid][0] = + 180 #accumulate_time # set start time # pls90: and add 3min

Neither in preview nor in my test was the pump started before the valve was activated.
I guess I did something wrong. 😕
Any thoughts on my issue? Thank you!