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ok so I have an issue where I restart OSBo; usually forcibly by watchdog timer, pulling power because hung on boot, etc.. its not 100% consistant but when the system boots back up and gets to the userspace (the moment I can login w/ssh) my first station kicks on automatically; I presume this is when the interval program is starting up.

I hit it several times now; almost bricked my self with a bad watchdog timer config rebooting in a loop.. every few reboots the valve would come back on until I went out and pulled the common wire; then with some fast typing fixed my watchdog before it reset.. (good news is it shut back down when the watchdog timer reset the system a few moments later, as one would hope)

The interval program has no idea that station 1 is on; but if I press ‘stop all stations’ the station shuts down, without manual intervention I assume it will run until the next schedule starts.

Not sure what is triggering this, I am thinking a stop_stations() needs to be called when the interval program is initialized just to ensure all valves are closed incase something is awry.