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Of all the data I captured, it didn’t occur to me to capture milliliters per can. I can tell you from memory that some zones had great uniformity, and some had terrible uniformity. I addressed that by taking an average of all the cans.

But it is the areas of the lawn covered by multiple zones that bother me the most. In order to get enough water on all the grass in 2 zones, I have to significantly over-water the overlap. It makes me want to hire a firm to fix this by moving the heads. Ugh.

Also, one variable that impacts rotors potentially more than spray heads is local water pressure. I notice that watering during the early morning (which is when almost everybody else is also watering) I get lower coverage than watering in mid afternoon. It got so bad my local water district asked people to voluntarily change their watering time to keep pressure up.

And determining the runoff limit is much harder than I thought. I’ve started with a suggested default value for my soil type, but it isn’t even obvious when there is runoff, necessarily. I can see it in the shrubbery with spray heads pretty easily, but not so easily with the grass.