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Hi salbahra

I’m in the midst of installing the OS 2.1 (Arduino) – just need to swap it in for my old Irritrol.

I’m a bit confused. I have the mobile app on Android. Very nice, although it would be nice if it would open even when it’s unable to connect to my OS.

I don’t understand about the logging not being part of OS. Do you mean your mobile app just generates a log based on the schedule, without knowing if it is actually happening? (What if the power is off and it doesn’t run?) Or must the mobile app be running at all times and constantly checking the status? Or does the OS store it somewhere so the mobile app can retrieve it via the HTTP API? It’s not clear to me exactly where the line is between ‘native’ OS and the mobile app. Is it Ray that does the native OS changes?

Can’t see the import button since my system is not up right now so I can’t use the mobile app.

Can I please get a link to the most recent HTTP API?