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@salbahra wrote:

I am debating adding an updater to the watcher.php script so that updates from Github are automatically pulled. Is this something people would be interested in? I know some people might find this weird so curious as to how people would want this implemented, if at all. I think by adding a setting during install and in the configuration (ex. $auto_update = 1) then checking against it during watcher.php runs, as such:

if ($auto_update) `git pull`;

Of course, this requires your using git instead of downloading the zip/tar and extracting manually but it should serve it’s purpose just fine, I think.

Let me know what you guys think.

Edit: Also, shell exec would have to be allowed for this to work.

Samer, I think this auto-update would be ok, but I would default it to be off, and possibly hide it away in ‘advanced config’ or something with enough help information for people to diagnose problems with it. I personally wouldn’t use it unless it was detailed with respect to displaying versioning/release information, etc. At least show the snapshot date for the running code.

I reckon it could generate a lot of confusion if it went wrong for people, but if done well it would be useful. But it’s really a developer feature, and should be exposed to the user as such.

Keep up the good work! This webapp is proving very popular, as shown in this thread.