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@wyone Thank you, glad it is working for you!

The last run station is something the OpenSprinkler keeps track of which is why that is working. The reason the logging is not working is because the watcher.php is probably not running. I can’t say with 100% certainty however that would be my best guess. The runner up, would probably be permission error for the log file. Regardless, if you want me to help troubleshoot you can manually run the watcher.php from the command line and paste it’s output here. To run it open a terminal and use the following command (substitute your file location if different):

cd /var/www/sprinklers; php watcher.php

If nothing is returned that means it is successfully getting the status and updating the log file. If that is the case then attach your log file, if you don’t mind. I will try to further troubleshoot the issue that way.


By the way, I am very happy to hear Android 2.3.7 is working because I have tested on Android 2.3.3 and had issues scrolling so at least I know now that 2.3.7 works!

Edit: Turns out I resolved the issues on Android 2.x completely 😀