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Nice work. I installed your code last night and I really like this interface. I do have a couple of questions though as I don’t think I have everything working correctly.

My setup:
Host machine: Belkin Share Max N300 (F7D3301/F7D7301) v1 router
Firmware: TomatoUSB by Shibby 1.28 (Linux kernel
Webserver: lighttpd/1.4.32 (ssl) (I’m not using SSL)

any additional packages not installed by firmware flash are managed by optware.

1) In my lighttpd error log file I have the following error.

2013-06-16 07:39:35: (mod_fastcgi.c.2676) FastCGI-stderr: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: SprinklerPattern in /opt/share/www/sprinklers/main.php on line 437

2) I have no entries in the “View Log” page. Only the statement “Viewing data for the last 15 days.” appears.

3) This last one is cosmetic and occurs on both: Firefox and IE10 (Win8): The top line of text appears behind the “Title” heading on the main menu page. See screenshot.

Thanks for the hard work. It wouldn’t surprise me if I have a problem with a config file so any help would be appreciated.