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Thank you @Zapp for your feedback. I am going to try and address some of your requests:

1) I don’t think the user needs to know what the WOEID is because this is unique to Yahoo! and honestly gibberish otherwise. I do think it would be nice to verify the location however historically this was only passed to the OpenSprinkler. Since I use it for weather now, it would be nice to verify it and I will look into that.

2) Originally, when I designed the auto-delay’s I intended to add current weather page but then decided most people have weather app’s that will be far better then anything I can design. So I canceled that idea. But, what you are suggesting is a nice idea. I plan on adding this at this point, to show the weather where the current tip information is. The tips don’t really show much information so I will just replace the tips with the weather removing the need to disable tips. By the way, Yahoo reports the weather in Fahrenheit, at least using the API link I am using. I suppose I could have javascript convert the number to Celsius but I would have to add an option for that, which we will see about.

3) The dates, especially the logs, were picked on purpose. I needed the most compact date so on the iPhone the whole log line would only take one line of space. To be honest with you I don’t want to make the time format configurable, at least not any time soon. With that said, I have no problem changing the default method to something more people would enjoy. If that is 24 hour time format, let me know and I will make the change. I can’t use the status page’s method because it is too large.

Thank you!

Edit: I pushed an update that shows the weather information (including an image of the current type of weather). This replaces the tips section on the top of the main page. I also cache the WOEID now to prevent the extra HTTP request each time (since the lookup will be frequent). The lookup is done via AJAX so it should not slow down initial page load, waiting for the weather data from Yahoo. I also parse the location from Yahoo and display it, this can be used as a validation for now. I think this addresses points 1 and 2 and leaves point 3 which I am still trying to decide how to address.

Also, the temperature is in Fahrenheit right now but I think I will address the locale issues altogether (time format and measurement units).

The below screenshot shows the new weather as well as the redesigned home menu. Look forward to your feedback!